And Sometimes, The Problem is in the Software


You’ve bought a new computer. You’ve hardly used it. But after a few weeks, or months, you realize that your spanking-new computer is running slowly.

Software and computer programs are two terms used nearly interchangeably.

Maybe you’ve even called me about it. I cleaned up your computer, and then told you what the *real* problem is:

You’ve got too many programs open, and too many programs overall.

The newer computers come with a myriad of useful (and less useful) programs – from VLC media player, to Skype, maybe Dropbox or Bluestacks, to games, and probably a million others I’ve never even thought of.

All of these take up space.Each program that you’ve downloaded means that there’s less space on your hard drive for the stuff that *really* matters to you.

And every program that automatically loads whenever you turn on your computer, slows down the startup. It slows down the running. It slows the loading time. It slows down the computer’s reaction time. And if it continues for too long, it’ll cause freezing and crashing, too.

The solution? Every once in a while, go to your control panel, and select “programs and features”. Run through the list, and uninstall (remove) any program you’ve used less than once a month. Maximum, if you ever need the program again, you’ll simply reinstall it. DON’T uninstall any part of Microsoft Office, though – if you ever choose to reinstall them, you’ll need to pay a lot of money.

This is one step that I won’t do for you, ever – because uninstalling, or any kind of deleting, is your responsibility only.

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